Profhilo is a nourishing injectable moisturiser that stimulates natural collagen and elastin production for flawlessly dewy and revitalised skin.

Its unique skin remodelling formulation is one of the first injectable hyaluronic acid treatments that remodels and renews skin tissue while directly treating skin laxity. It is a fantastic treatment to target sagging or wrinkled skin thanks to its unique tissue healing properties, which have been verified in a range of medically reviewed clinical studies. As one of the most powerful and hydrating hyaluronic acid treatments available in the aesthetics industry today, it has the power to stimulate four different types of collagen and elastin to help patients achieve strengthened, hydrated and firm skin. Its skin firming and skin lifting results last up to 6 months after treatment, as Profhilo gradually reboot’s our body’s own ability to refresh and renew collagen and elastin proteins. The result is plumper, healthier and fresher looking skin that looks completely balanced and natural.


Unlike fillers, it doesn’t over-volumise the skin and enables patients to target fine lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging skin in a subtle but impactful way. This has made it a go-to treatment for patients who are looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin in a natural-looking way.

Single session £375


Profhilo for the face

Profhilo has become known as an ‘injectable lift’ because of its powerful collagen and elastin stimulation. By renewing these key structural proteins deep within the skin, a non-surgical lift be achieved across different areas of the face. It is ideal for targeting sagging across the cheeks or laughter lines around the mouth as well as adding greater definition, smoothness and support to drooping jawlines.

Profhilo for the neck

Profhilo neck treatments address the underlying causes of sagging skin across the neck and décolletage area. When we age, we can lose collagen, elastin and fat stores in this zone in particular, resulting in “turkey neck” skin folds and lines. But with Profhilo’s transformative benefits, we can tighten up the skin’s structure in the neck while plumping out fine lines.

Profhilo for hands

Profhilo is also a great treatment to correct fine lines and wrinkles on your hands. Its deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid formulation allows the delicate, thin skin in our hands to hold onto more water, which in turn helps to firm up aged and wrinkled skin.